Whatever your employee benefit program needs, we have a plan for you.

From retirement programs to health & welfare benefits to quotes and proposals, we provide comprehensive employee benefit plan solutions that align with your unique business needs, goals, and vision. We have great plans for you, and our benefit plan experts will help you get there.

Retirement Plans & Fiduciary Programs

Open. Unbiased. Transparent. Vantage Benefits is a fully integrated retirement plan consultant, Third Party Administrator, Recordkeeper, Legal Plan Administrator, and Named Fiduciary. We act in the best interest of the plan participants, the plan sponsor, and the plan itself.

Vantage Benefits can assist with retirement plan design, recordkeeping, administration and compliance.

Our programs include:

  • Plan design consultation, implementation, recordkeeping, and complete back office administration and plan compliance
  • Bundled or unbundled programs
  • Defined contribution plans, including Vantage401(k)SM, Vantage403(b)SM, and Vantage457SM
  • Defined benefit plans, including cash balance
  • Open architecture plan design with access to over 20,000 mutual funds, as well as ETFs, managed money solutions, and self-directed brokerage accounts
  • Custom investment model capabilities
  • Comprehensive participant education and online enrollment

Our retirement plan solutions include transparent fees, unbiased investment offerings, and no revenue sharing.

Let’s discuss how we can reduce your costs and liability.

Health & Welfare Benefit Programs

Vantage Benefits assists employers in designing highly flexible and affordable health & welfare plans tailored to their employees’ needs. Our comprehensive paperless solution for benefit management and communication reduces your Human Resources staff workload, mitigates risk, and enhances the employee’s satisfaction with the benefit program(s) offered.

Medical, Dental, and Vision

Brokerage services, eligibility tracking, premium billing reconciliation, fully insured and self-funded claims administration, multiple provider networks, and audit-recovery services


Targeted engagement, health-risk assessment, biometrics, lab work, and claims analysis/coaching

Spending Accounts

FSA, HRA, HSA, DCR, commuter, deductions, claims reimbursement, compliance administration, and debit cards

Cobra Administration

Eligibility, enrollment, billing, collection, and employer reporting

Voluntary Benefits

Accident, critical illness, cancer treatment, employee assistance programs, disability, life, home and auto, and prepaid legal

Benefits Resource Center

Personalized customer service phone support, education and online enrollment assistance, and notification campaigns and resources

You don’t need multiple vendors. Our experts can do it all.

Health & Welfare Quotes

Vantage Benefits provides comprehensive, cost-effective benefit plan packages. We incorporate benefit solutions that align with your business needs, goals, and vision. Our nationwide carrier partnerships ensure delivery of satisfactory options and outcomes for plan participants.

We provide health & welfare benefit programs in the best interest of plan participants.

Our benefit plan experts provide:

  • Competitive and sustainable costs
  • Customized plan designs
  • Healthy reward and wellness programs
  • Voluntary benefits portability
  • Throughout the quoting process, our dedicated benefit plan experts commit to building and providing a secure foundation of benefit options. We operate independently of all insurance companies and investment providers, acting in the best interest of the plan participants, the plan sponsor, and the plan itself.

RFP Services

Every company has unique needs, especially when it comes to designing and implementing their employee benefit programs. Our RFP services help employers discover the best employee benefit solutions for their needs.

Our benefit consulting services include customizing RFPs to help you discover the right employee benefits solutions.

Our customized RFP process involves the following phases:

  • Discovery. We work with employers to help them identify and provide the right information about their company and project, their economic and cultural expectations, and specific information they need from bidders.
  • Development. We take what we learn from the discovery phase and apply that information to crafting the RFP. We work closely with the employer to craft questions that address their business needs and then create a reasonable timeline for responses.
  • Evaluation. We evaluate all responses from bidders and provide our top three recommendations, taking each prospect’s experience, capabilities, products, services, and cost structures into consideration. We also schedule and attend evaluation meetings.

Our RFP services help employers discover the best employee benefit solutions for their needs.