Plan to Prosper

Building a sustainable employee benefits program is more than just a job. It’s a commitment, a love, a trust. It’s your work family. We understand this relationship and share this common bond with our customers. Our company was based on wanting to do the right thing for our customers—not the greedy thing for ourselves. This experience formed the fabric of who we are today.

We are passionate about our work and about all working people. We believe that if you build the right employee benefits program, your company and your people will prosper. Our benefit plan experts will help you get there.

We believe if you build the right employee benefits program, your company and your people will prosper.
How We Work
We provide a full-service solution to providing employee benefits.

All of our services align directly with the plan participant’s best interests.

  • Develop the right plan for your unique business needs
  • Onboard your plan and your people
  • Administer your plan and provide support
  • Build brighter futures for all working people
Our Leaders

Our organization builds and maintains employee benefit programs that touch millions of working people every day. Our leadership represents a diverse array of life experiences with one important common thread: a dedication to creating a brighter future for plan participants.

Charles W. Leggette, EA, FCA, FSPA, MAAA

Chief Actuary

Laura N. Mercer, Esq.

Director, Fiduciary Compliance

Robert Nourse

Director, Business Development
Our Team

At Vantage, we believe all working people deserve proper care. We start by providing extraordinary care to our own employees and are ready to help provide it to yours.

Administration Services

Our Administration Services team delivers the comprehensive benefit plan support you need. From onboarding to daily plan operations to compliance, we’ve got you covered. Our #1 priority is to provide low-cost, highly efficient administration for your benefits plan, now and in the future.

Client Services

Our Client Services team is always here for you and your employees. Our Benefits Resource Center is staffed with certified experts waiting to provide personalized care to your employees for all their benefit needs. We are also here to make your everyday HR load a little lighter with a dedicated client services contact.

Innovation Services

Our army of technology gurus, strategic thinkers, quality control analysts, and regulatory experts are always a step ahead of competitive forces. We predict challenges before they arise, protect you from potential pitfalls, and deliver innovative employee benefits solutions that fit your current and future business needs.

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