Retirement readiness involves many risks. Managing your retirement plan shouldn’t be one of them.

Our retirement plan experts provide the foundation to help plan participants reach retirement readiness. We start by minimizing the costs and risks involved in the daily management of your retirement plan.

Fiduciary Services

We’re here to protect your plan and minimize your risk. Vantage Benefits offers comprehensive plan fiduciary services, allowing plan sponsors to outsource as much responsibility for the plan’s discretionary administration and management as they choose. Our approach allows plan sponsors to relieve themselves of their fiduciary responsibilities and liability of running their retirement plan.

Plan sponsors can limit their liability by naming Vantage to take over fiduciary duties.

We name ourselves, Vantage Benefits, in the plan document as the Legal Plan Administrator and Named Fiduciary for the plan. We then perform the following duties:

  • Interpret the language in the plan document
  • Maintain compliance with the plan document terms and applicable law and regulations
  • Assume responsibility for participant communications and dissemination of required participant notices and disclosures
  • Approve plan distributions, such as termination, in-service, hardship, and QDRO
  • Approve and monitor participant loans from the plan
  • Review annual compliance testing and determine appropriate corrective measures
  • Review, sign, and file the annual Form 5500 and Form 8955-SSA
  • Engage and monitor plan service providers and ensure reasonable fees for services provided to the plan and its participants
Third Party Administration

We’re here to streamline your plan with experienced professionals, saving you time and money. Vantage Benefits is an independent Third Party Administrator. We specialize in corporate retirement plan administration, recordkeeping, and fiduciary services on a single platform.

Bundled Programs

We can provide all investment options, recordkeeping, administration, compliance, enrollment and education services, saving you time and money with one streamlined source for your retirement plan needs

Fee Transparency

We provide full fee disclosure so that you know exactly what you are paying for in the plan. You won’t find hidden costs or revenue sharing here—just a level fee platform that puts the plan and its participants’ best interests first

Plan Compliance

We assign a senior plan administrator to your plan, ensuring compliance with DOL and IRS regulations

Daily Recordkeeping

Our skilled professionals provide complete, accurate daily valuation accounting and proper allocation of monies

Participant Education

We provide comprehensive educational materials, interactive risk analysis tools, and certified call center experts to help plan sponsors and advisors prepare participants for retirement readiness

You don’t need multiple vendors. Our experts can do it all.

Daily Recordkeeping

We’re here to reduce plan costs and increase plan efficiencies. Vantage Benefits tracks all transactions related to the retirement plan. We utilize an open architecture recordkeeping platform, allowing the plan sponsor to select investments that are in the best interest of the plan participants, the plan sponsor, and the plan itself.

Flexible Options

You choose the right plan design, investment options, and duties you wish to retain

Custodial Partners

Our partners offer mutual funds, separately managed accounts, collective trusts, and/or ETFs

Unbiased Investments

We have an open architecture plan design with access to over 20,000 mutual funds, as well as ETFs, managed money solutions, and self-directed brokerage accounts

Revenue Sharing

We return all revenue sharing we receive to the participant who generated it

Custom Models

Advisors can build custom investment models and trade across plans

Let’s discuss how we can reduce your costs and liability.