High-value, efficient retirement plan solutions that balance employees’ needs with your business goals

Now you can implement a no-hassle retirement plan of superior quality that provides administrative efficiencies and compliance while appealing to top-performing employees. We believe in full fee transparency, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for and why. You can also enjoy sharply reduced risk from one of the few providers willing to truly own fiduciary liability.

Is the temperature rising on your retirement plan? Contact us for cool change!

Here are three easy steps for removing retirement plan headaches and mitigating risk:

  • One: Retirement plan design consulting and administration through Vantage RetireSmart℠ solutions
  • Two: A sophisticated boost to retirement savings with Vantage Platinum℠ enhanced retirement plans
  • Three: Opportunity to outsource plan sponsor fiduciary duties and liability through Vantage Shield℠ full-scope fiduciary services

You choose the service levels that meet your organization’s needs. We’re a fully integrated retirement plan consultant, Third Party Administrator (TPA), recordkeeper, legal plan administrator and named fiduciary — so choose with confidence!

Consultative Approach

You’ll like our consultative approach to plan design. We understand that a 401(k) plan is not the right answer for every organization. Regulations, design options and plan features are always subject to change. We identify your goals and provide expert guidance to benefit you and your plan participants.

We effectively address compliance and seek to lower plan costs while ensuring flexibility. Your plan might even include our professional fiduciary services, which save you time, diminish your fiduciary responsibilities and sharply mitigate your liability.

Plan Design Consulting & Administration

Open, unbiased and transparent, we’re here to help you establish a high-quality retirement plan that benefits your employees and adds business value.

Our open-architecture platform allows you to select investments that are in the best interests of your plan participants. You receive access to over 20,000 mutual funds and 900 exchange traded funds (ETFs) as well as managed money solutions and self-directed brokerage accounts. We have no proprietary funds to push.

Daily recordkeeping helps reduce plan costs and increase efficiencies. Convenient, reliable services encourage participants so they can build confidence.

The best retirement programs are worry-free:

  • Unbiased investment offerings
  • Transparent fees
  • No revenue sharing
  • Open-architecture platform
  • Full compliance and administration
  • Employee education, enrollment and guidance
  • Fiduciary governance tools and/or fiduciary services

You receive the following and more:

  • Plan design consultation, implementation, recordkeeping and complete back-office administration with plan compliance
  • Defined contribution options, including the flexible, cost-effective Vantage 401(k)℠ and Vantage 403(b)℠ plans
  • Access to Vantage Platinum℠ consulting services for profit-sharing calculations, the cash balance plan option, defined benefit plans and more
  • Bundled or unbundled programs
  • Custodial partners offering mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts and collective trusts
  • Custom investment model capabilities, including the option for advisers to trade across plans
  • Comprehensive participant education and online enrollment

We provide fiduciary governance tools to help you better understand your role as a plan sponsor.

Let’s discuss how a comprehensive plan can encourage employee participation.

Sophisticated Boost to Retirement Savings

Sometimes a standard retirement plan isn’t enough. When business owners need to rapidly increase their retirement savings, reward specific employees or conduct a cost-efficient buyout, it’s time to go beyond a 401(k).

Plan sponsors can limit their liability by naming Vantage to take over fiduciary duties.

That’s why, as an owner or executive, you might wish to offer one or more “owner-friendly” plans:

  • Traditional profit-sharing plan
  • Age-weighted profit-sharing plan
  • New comparability profit-sharing plan
  • Bundled or unbundled programs

Combining a 401(k)/profit-sharing plan with a cash balance plan allows for the maximum contribution permitted by the IRS. Combined plans are cost-effective, flexible and easy to administer:

Cost savings

Employer contributions to both plans are tax-deductible for your business. Since a single entity administers the plans for tax purposes, you increase your efficiencies and save even more.

Easy administration

Choosing a retirement plan solution provider such as Vantage helps minimize your administrative burden. For profit-sharing and cash balance plans, you simply submit a completed census request and questionnaire each year. That’s it!

Contribution flexibility

Profit-sharing is discretionary, so you decide how much your business contributes each year based on cash flow. Your company’s profit-sharing contributions can be high in profitable years and low — or even zero — in lean years. Cash balance contributions have less flexibility, but their higher upper limit can power-boost retirement savings for selected individuals.

You can leverage our consultants to help you manage combined plans in tandem so they meet your company’s cash flow requirements over time. This is a service few companies offer.

Most providers use third-party actuaries to construct compliant scenarios — but these come with additional fees. When you use our in-house actuarial services, you reap the cost savings!

We do it all: health plans, wellness, HSAs, COBRA and more!

Full-Scope Fiduciary Services

Give us the time-consuming, labor-intensive fiduciary duties weighing you down. Our seasoned experts keep you compliant with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA), regardless of changing regulations.

We are one of the few retirement plan service providers willing to truly own fiduciary liability. The depth of our Vantage Shield℠ fiduciary services program is the best in the industry.

Because we’re a full-scope ERISA 3(16) plan administrator and ERISA 402(a) named fiduciary, we offer maximum outsourcing of all retirement plan fiduciary functions and their responsibilities. As a plan sponsor, you can free yourself of your fiduciary responsibilities and the liability of running your retirement plan to the maximum extent possible, knowing you’re in good hands.

Plan sponsors can limit their liability by naming Vantage to take over fiduciary duties.

You’re free to decide how much responsibility you wish to delegate to us. If we assume maximum responsibility, our duties include the following and more:

  • Interpreting the language in the plan document
  • Maintaining compliance with the plan document terms and any applicable laws and regulations
  • Assuming responsibility for participant communications and the dissemination of required participant notices and disclosures
  • Taking responsibility for the discretionary administration of the plan and ensuring that all day-to-day administrative and operational activities are carried out appropriately
  • Approving plan distributions stemming from a termination, in-service, hardship, qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) or similar event
  • Approving and monitoring participant loans from the plan
  • Reviewing annual compliance testing and determining appropriate corrective
  • Reviewing, signing and filing the annual Form 5500 and Form 8955-SSA
  • Hiring, monitoring and managing plan service providers and ensuring reasonable fees for services provided to the plan and its participants

We met with the highest levels of leadership at the Department of Labor (DOL) throughout our fiduciary services design process, and we continue to stay in contact. If we believe an interpretation of the law is in question, we seek clarification with the DOL.

We pride ourselves on the unbiased pursuit of your best interests and have always done so. You can count on us to use our expertise diligently on your behalf.