Vantage Retirement Trust

Retirement plan value propositions for plan sponsors & advisers with full-scope fiduciary services

To be competitive, today’s small and mid-sized employers must provide an attractive benefits package that helps recruit and retain top-performing employees. A high quality retirement plan is essential, but plan size usually locks these employers into paying higher fund fees and exposes them to significant compliance obligations that can pull resources away from their day-to-day business needs. We understand these concerns.

Vantage’s Trust provides an integrated solution that provides large-plan pricing with a retirement plan offering resembling that of a major corporation. The Trust supplies economies of scale for leveraging low-cost institutionally priced investments that small to mid-sized firms typically cannot obtain on their own. In addition, Vantage provides each employer’s retirement plan that participates in the Trust sophisticated recordkeeping services and comprehensive fiduciary services that reduce employers’ burdens and obligations.

The Trust provides a cost-effective, robust retirement plan that simultaneously reduces fiduciary responsibilities and liability.

Structure of the Trust


The adviser can choose to provide either educational services or 3(21) investment advice. The adviser may also provide other ancillary services to their employer and plan clients.

Investment Manager:

The 3(38) investment manager builds investment option menus and models for the Trust.


Vantage serves as the recordkeeper for all plans in the Trust.

Third Party Administrator (TPA):

Vantage provides the TPA services for all plans in the Trust.


Vantage provides full-scope fiduciary services for all plans in the Trust by serving as the ERISA 3(16) plan administrator and ERISA 402(a) named fiduciary.


Vantage has selected an independent trust company to act as trustee.

Vantage, a professional fiduciary services provider, has the ability to minimize a plan sponsor’s fiduciary functions and reduce the sponsor’s liability to the maximum extent possible under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA). The depth of Vantage’s fiduciary program is one of the most extensive in the industry. Backed by substantial fiduciary liability insurance coverage, Vantage provides additional reassurance by indemnifying the plan sponsor and the plan against ERISA violations and employee lawsuits.

Company size is no longer a barrier that prevents small to mid-sized employers from obtaining the savings traditionally reserved for institutional retirement plans. Through the Trust, employers receive large-plan pricing within a retirement offering resembling that of a major corporation.

Value Propositions
for Employers & Advisers

We are pleased to present the following value propositions that make the Trust worthwhile for employers and advisers.


Small to mid-sized employers can finally achieve the low-cost, headache-free, competitive retirement plan they’ve been seeking:

  • Opportunity to leverage the combined bargaining power of the Trust to receive access to lower-priced investments and plan services
  • A high-quality retirement plan to attract and retain talented employees
  • Full-scope fiduciary services with a professional provider as the legal plan administrator and named fiduciary
  • Comprehensive, professional TPA services from an experienced administrator
  • Accurate, efficient recordkeeping meeting all regulatory compliance requirements
  • Time savings and efficiency resulting from single-source fiduciary and compliance administration
  • Ability to pass cost savings and efficiencies on to plan participants


Investment advisers that utilize the Trust for their clients gain flexibility, stability and more:

  • Ability to serve either in an educational capacity or as a 3(21) fiduciary to their client’s plan.
  • Simplified investment menu requires the adviser to monitor a discrete and stable portfolio comprised of high quality and reputable fund families.
  • Transitioning clients to a full-service Trust gives advisers the flexibility and opportunity to provide enhanced employer-sponsored retirement plan services and to focus on other issues affecting the retirement plan such as plan participation, education, or individual advice.
  • A convenient solution that addresses compliance burdens and meaningfully reduces conflicts of interest.
  • Opportunity to work with an experienced professional fiduciary reducing co-fiduciary liability.
  • Receive streamlined TPA and recordkeeping services from seasoned industry experts who handle each client as a separate account for compliance purposes.

In addition to the benefits outlined above, recordkeeping, TPA and full-scope fiduciary services all come from a single provider that does not outsource to third-party vendors - all services are in one location with Vantage.

Large-Plan Advantages with
Vantage Retirement Trusts

Our institutionally priced retirement plan for small and mid-sized firms provides large-plan pricing within an integrated, high-value retirement plan offering. We bring plan sponsors a robust, cost-effective, efficient retirement plan that sharply reduces their fiduciary duties and liability. The Trust also empowers employers & advisers to do what they do best. To learn more, please email us at sales@vantagebenefits or call 1-800-337-8005.