Wilshire Associates Joins Vantage Success Partners

Wilshire, a leading global financial services firm, partners with Vantage, a full-scope fiduciary, to optimize service excellence for retirement plan sponsors.

DALLAS, Sept. 14, 2017 — Vantage Benefits Administrators, Inc., a full-service employee benefits consultant, Third Party Administrator (TPA), recordkeeper and professional fiduciary, today announced that Wilshire Associates has joined the Vantage Success Partners program.

Organizations selected to work with Vantage Success Partners notably share its commitment to the unbiased pursuit of participants’ best interests. With its open-architecture, level-fee platform and unbiased investment selections, Vantage only considers working with firms equipped to operate according to the same values. The arrangements drive lower and more competitive costs to better serve employers that find it impossible to secure institutional plan pricing. Program arrangements also assist employers seeking to maximize both price points and plan quality.

Wilshire’s longstanding dedication to excellence in delivering customized investment solutions and its proven track record of developing high-conviction investment menus with participants in mind make this a very compelling arrangement. Exemplary in its approach, Wilshire will serve as a 3(38) investment manager in the program.

Wilshire was selected to build menus for a newly formed Vantage Retirement Trust. “We wanted to identify established strategic partners who could work with us to provide small to mid-sized firms with large-plan pricing that would typically be available in retirement offerings at major corporations,” said Vantage CEO Jeff Richie. “Wilshire really stepped up as the investment manager for our new group Trust.”

“We are truly pleased to be selected as a partner in this new approach developed by Vantage,” said Jason Schwarz, President of Wilshire Funds Management. “We expect the use of outsourced fiduciaries providing efficient, cost-effective solutions to continue to grow, and Vantage is well positioned to capitalize on this trend with the recent launch of its group Trust. The need and interest demonstrated by plan sponsors and advisers is significant.”

Vantage has always operated in the best interest of plan participants. The current timing of the Department of Labor (DOL) rulings has underscored Vantage’s commitment to continued leadership in meeting new compliance regulations.

About Wilshire
Wilshire Associates, a leading global financial services firm, provides consulting services, analytics solutions and customized investment solutions to plan sponsors, investment managers and financial intermediaries. Wilshire offers independent, third party investment advice based on 30-plus years of providing investment guidance to some of the largest plan sponsors in the country. Please visit www.wilshire.com for more information.

About Vantage
Vantage Benefits Administrators, Inc., is a full-service employee benefits consultant, Third Party Administrator (TPA), recordkeeper and professional fiduciary. Vantage specializes in comprehensive, cutting-edge corporate benefit program administration, offering fiduciary services as needed. Independent of all carriers and investment product providers, Vantage is unbiased in its pursuit of its clients’ best interests. The company emphasizes transparency, integrity, responsiveness and cost efficiency. For more information, please call 1.800.337.8005 or visit www.vantagebenefits.com.

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